Sargent Heated Seat Review | Yamaha FJR1300

Sargent Heated Seat Review | Yamaha FJR1300
Sargent heated seat on Yamaha FJR1300
Sargent Heated Seat Review | Yamaha FJR1300
Sargent heated seat on Yamaha FJR1300

Sargent Heated Seat Test

The advantages of a premium seat on a touring motorcycle are undeniable. Given the variety of weather we encounter on long tours, a heated seat can enhance a ride in every season.

The World Sport Performance seat from Sargent Cycle Products offers a significant upgrade from my Yamaha FJR1300’s stock saddle.

Installing the Sargent seat is extremely easy. All I had to do was tie in to the battery leads and run a wire under the seat. The controllers have plenty of wire length, so mounting them on the bike in a convenient spot is simple.

The wiring comes with a built-in relay and in-line fuse for safety, and is installed “switched,” so there is no danger of battery drain when the bike is turned off.

Sargent’s variable heat controllers are simple to operate and have a wide range; you can really dial in the perfect temperature for your tush. LED readouts are easily seen in both bright daylight and at night, plus there are separate controllers for the rider and passenger. Oh, and they are both totally waterproof as well.

The World Sport Performance two-piece seat replaces the stock seats, so there is truly nothing else that has to be done once it is wired. Just snap in the seat units and go on your way.

On long rides, the heater works perfectly. Yet, I was most impressed by its ability to heat up quickly for shorter rides. My worry was that the heated seat’s solid state pulse modulating heat controller would not have time to get up to temperature during short bursts of usage, such as trips into town to run errands. I was wrong. Once the bike was started, I quickly began to feel soothing warmth in my nether regions.

The World Sport Performance Seat is made with a lightweight PolyTec seat pan, Super Cell Atomic Foam suspension for long distance comfort, and dazzling, color-coordinated upholstery. As a seat, even with the heating unit off, it is an excellent perch over the long haul, and it will satisfy those focused on both sport and touring.

Integrated into the passenger seat pan is a mounting for an optional passenger backrest, which should please the pillion rider.

Additionally, there is a hinged-door storage area beneath the driver’s seat, as well as a removable storage tube under the passenger’s seat. Warm and comfy, the Sargent World Performance heated seat is a superb upgrade for those of us who put plenty of miles on our motorcycles.

For additional information, visit Sargent Cycle Products.

Story from a QuickShift Review in the March/April issue of Ultimate MotorCycling. For subscription services, click here.