Macna Proton Glove Heats Up Winter Motorcycle Riding

Macna Proton Glove

Macna Proton Electrically Heated Glove

Riders everywhere are interested in continuing to ride longer into the cold season, and getting back on their machines before Mother Nature might like them to.

Macna has addressed this with the all new Proton Heated Glove. The Proton is constructed with drum-dyed leather that has been specially treated to make it touch screen compatible and water-resistant. Underneath the leather sits a waterproof, breathable Raintex liner, offering a truly waterproof glove that won’t waterlog like some other gloves.

Other materials incorporated into the Proton are a Bemberg liner for comfort and a layer of Thermolite for added thermal protection from the cold. The Proton is not just a cold weather glove however; it was designed with a rider’s safety in mind.

Protective details include a TPU protector over the knuckles and extra layers of leather on the outside of the palm.  A screen cleaner is incorporated into the ergonomically designed index finger of both gloves, and the Velcro-style fastener at the wrist is rotated 30° to reduce pressure and increase comfort, a common design element seen throughout the whole range of Macna Gloves.

The Macna Proton glove uses low-draw pulse-width modulation to automatically regulate temperature and includes a fused wiring harness so there are no additional parts to buy. The controller is an intelligent regulator of heat that senses and adjust the temperature to keep you focused on the road not the cold.  No more fiddling with the temperature constantly; similar to modern vehicle climate control systems, the rider simply sets the rheostat to the desired temperature setting and the intelligent controller maintains it.

The Proton also includes a thigh mounted leg band to clip the controller to so that the rider can simply unplug from the bike and step off without fidgeting with wires, and the coaxial connector makes the Proton compatible with heated gear from a wide range of suppliers.

Retailing at $237.50 the Proton Gloves include everything you need to stay warm and ride longer on the coldest days of the year. Available from Twisted Throttle and its retailers throughout North America. Sizes XS- 4XL.