BMW R nineT SOULFUEL Documentary | Behind the Scenes Video

BMW SOULFUEL for R nineT Video

For its global launch of the BMW R nineT - a machine unveiled last year that helps celebrate BMW Motorrad's 90th anniversary - the Bavarian motorcycle manufacturer created a new documentary, titled "SOULFUEL."

The documentary was created with the help of a few known customizers - Roland Sands Design, El Solitario, Blitz Motorcycles and Urban Motor. Now we get an inside look at the making of SOULFUEL in the video attached above. To view the actual SOULFUEL documentary, click here.

Like the first ever BMW motorcycle from 1923 – the legendary BMW R 32 – the new BMW R nineT is driven by the classic flat-twin boxer engine with its punchy response from standstill.

This construction principle has been synonymous with unmistakable design, abundant torque delivery and inimitable acoustics for 90 years now. The nineT employs the 1,170 cc air/oil-cooled boxer unit. It produces 81 kW (110 hp) at 7750 rpm and musters up a maximum torque of 119 Nm (88 lb-ft) at 6000 rpm.

For a preview of the R nineT, click here.

BMW R nineT
BMW R nineT


  1. If you like the R1200R, or even if you don’t, this roadster brings some nice style and handsome good looks to the naked boxer platform.


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