Honda Releases Six New 2014 Models | Motorcycle News

2014 Honda CB1100 Deluxe

Honda Releases Six New 2014 Models | Motorcycle News

Over a month into 2014, Honda has unexpectedly released six new models of 2014 motorcycles. They include the Interceptor and Interceptor Deluxe (both V-4, upright, faired sportbikes), the all-new CBR650F (another upright, faired sportbike), the retro CB1100 and CB1100 Deluxe (air-cool fours with a new six-speed transmission, and added electronics for the Deluxe version), and the biggest surprise of all, the Montesa Cota 4RT Repsol Edition observed trials motorcycle (which will be available in limited quantities).

“Only Honda, the world’s number one powersports manufacturer, could roll out so many new and exciting products over such a short period of time,” boasted Honda Powersports Press Manager Bill Savino. “The extremely broad spectrum of these models demonstrates how Honda reaches all segments of the powersports world.”

“One area that’s uniquely Honda is the V4 sport bike segment,” Savino said, “and this year we’ve added the Interceptor to the line. The Interceptor offers that special V-4 experience so purely Honda in feel and function, and has many upgrades to meet current customer expectations. There’s also a great sport bike that’s brand-new from the ground up, the CBR650F. This is a machine that offers plenty of fun sport performance while also being versatile and comfortable enough to ride every day of the week. It’s a bike you can quickly fall in love with on every new ride. Our CB1100 offers a timeless appeal that speaks to experienced riders who share a passion for the sport, and now we’ve boosted the fun factor with a new Deluxe version that extends the retro feeling even further. And for something really different, American Honda also introduces the Montesa Honda Cota 4RT, a pure Trials competition bike featuring Repsol Edition graphics and powered by a Honda four-stroke engine. This bike is also included in our Honda Racing Contingency Program for 2014.”

“That’s a lot of fun options to round out our list of machines for 2014, and I’m excited to say there are even more good things to come for the 2015 Honda model year,” Savino said.

Honda describes its new 2014 models:

Interceptor/Interceptor Deluxe
Honda’s iconic V-4 powerplants have an alluring character all their own, a unique combination of torque, an aggressive rush of power as the tach needle swings up into the meaty part of the powerband, and a certain texture to the engine feel that tells you this could only be a Honda V-4. The new Interceptor has all of that and more, including a chassis with that special Honda blend of agility and comfort that strikes an ideal balance for all-day rides on your favorite twisting roads. A stout single-sided swingarm and radial-mounted front brakes make sport riding especially fun, and a front-mounted radiator gives the Interceptor a slim profile. To ensure long-term comfort, the Interceptor has upright, neutral ergonomics as well as an adjustable seat. This is a sport bike with plenty of emphasis on sport, plus the versatility for commuting, two-up fun rides and long-haul sport touring. The Deluxe model adds ABS, Traction Control, grip heaters, self-canceling turn signals, and a centerstand for riders wanting even more features. Colors: Red, Pearl White; Price: $12,499 – $13,499; Availability: May.

2014 Honda Interceptor Preview

Honda introduces the CBR650F, an all-new and remarkably affordable middleweight sport bike that’s built to cover the full range of street riding. The CBR650F strikes a terrific balance
between full-on sport bike styling, nimble handling, overall performance, comfort and plenty of versatility—all at a great price. Honda’s mid-sized sport bikes have always offered a lightweight feel and intuitive response, and the CBR650F adds to that mix easily accessible power that makes this bike fun to ride all the time. It also provides the real-world advantages of excellent fuel efficiency and comfortable seating accommodations that let it work so well as an everyday ride. With stylish looks, a large array of available Honda Genuine Accessories and the option of ABS, you have the makings of an instant favorite for a variety of riders. Colors: Red, Candy Blue, Matte Black Metallic; Price: $8499 – $8999; Availability: Summer.

2014 Honda CBR650F Preview

The timeless style of the CB1100 captures the hearts and imaginations of long-time riders who fondly remember iconic four-cylinder Hondas from years past, and sparks younger riders eager to experience these landmark machines. The CB1100 can be considered a purist’s kind of motorcycle, a modern reincarnation of the timeless and legendary CB750 Four. Boasting big-time roll-on power, nimble handling and more modern performance features that the original Four could never touch, the CB1100 also delivers the reliability and quality of modern-day Honda motorcycles with a nostalgic feel. New for 2014 is a six-speed transmission in place of the previous five-speed gearbox and that makes an excellent powertrain even better. Also, a new meter package features MPG, trip computer and gear position indicator. Color: Black; Price: $10,399; Availability: March.

2014 Honda CB1100 Preview

CB1100 Deluxe
The new CB1100 Deluxe boasts additional features that extend the classic retro look and feel to this unique machine. For the CB1100 Deluxe, Honda added an Anti-Lock Braking System, larger fuel tank with 0.5-gallon extra capacity for added range, sleek four-into-two exhaust system and a new seat with a retro pattern, plus newly restyled side covers. The Deluxe incorporates a six-speed transmission to blend classic looks with modern-day performance. The Deluxe instrumentation also features MPG, a trip computer and gear position indicator for modern touches. All that adds up to a memorable riding experience that gives a nod to iconic classics. At the same time, riders enjoy impressive streetgoing power and agile handling for fun times on just about every kind of road in the book. Color: Candy Red; Price: $11,899; Availability: March.

2014 Honda CB100 Deluxe Preview

Montesa Honda Cota 4RT Repsol Edition
Spanish motorcycle manufacturer Montesa started business in 1944, and it quickly established a solid reputation for building successful competition bikes. Honda brought the brand into its fold in the mid-’80s and today the company makes some of the best trials bikes in the world. For 2014, American Honda is offering a limited number of the Cota 4RT, a new competition-ready machine featuring a four-stroke Honda 260cc engine. Built strictly for competition, it features an electronic fuel injection system and a revolutionary decompression system that reduces engine braking for a character similar to that of a 2-stroke, which competitors prefer. A quickshifting five-speed transmission, Showa suspension and extra-wide footpegs for more control on all sorts of terrain help give this bike a leg up on the competition. Color: Repsol Edition (Orange/White/Red); Price: $8999; Availability: April.

Montesa Honda Cota 4RT Repsol Edition – Interview with Honda