Twisted Throttle Announces R&G Protection for Yamaha FZ-09

Yamaha FZ-09 R&G Products

Twisted Throttle is proud to announce the release of the R&G Racing range of crash protection products for the new FZ-09.  As with all of UK-based R&G’s products, the FZ-09 lineup offers protection without interfering with the styling of the new triple.

Leading the lineup are the award-winning teardrop-shaped Aero Crash Protectors.  Available in two position options (both $114.99), they attach to either the front or middle engine mounts to guard the Yamaha’s frame and motor, or install both for the ultimate in protection.

The protector itself is machined from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) – chosen because as it wears it actually helps to slow a sliding bike. The bolts used are also de-embrittled steel; working as a shock absorber to bend instead of snapping or staying rigid – which could twist the mounting point.

Comprehensive defense for the crossplane triple engine comes in the form of R&G’s Engine Case Covers. AMA approved and used by riders competing in the British Superbike Series, Isle of Man TT, and the World Endurance Championship, the engine armor simply bolts over the original covers without requiring engine fluids to be drained, nor replacing gaskets. The covers also allow a bike to be ridden after a crash or prevent terminal engine damage from oil leaks or casing punctures.

Front to back protection to keep expensive parts of the bike from making contact with the ground continues in the form of Bar End Sliders ($43.99) to help guard the fuel tank and bar levers while Fork Protectors ($51.99) shield the fork lowers and calipers. Cotton Reels are available to either bolt straight onto the swing arm ($33.99) or as an “Offset” type ($87.99) that replaces the chain adjuster blocks to mount behind the rear spindle. These products have a dual role; offering protection for the swing arm and rear brake caliper as well as allowing the use of paddock stands.

With 15 years of experience in creating products to prevent damage inflicted to both machine and wallet in the event of a drop or crash, R&G also knows that everyday riding can bring harm to a bike, be it from road debris or from the weather.

Defending the expensive cooling system is the Radiator Guard, available in either lightweight aluminium ($83.99) or heavy duty stainless steel ($127). These guards do not disrupt the flow of cooling air, but make it extremely difficult for stones to penetrate the radiator or damage the cooling fins.

The R&G Shocktube® ($45.99) works by completely enclosing the rear shock to prevent damage from road salt, water spray, stone chipping, dust and dirt that over time can have a detrimental effect on the performance and looks of the shock.

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The complete R&G Yamaha FZ-09 Range can be found here.