2014 Triumph America LT | First Look Review

2014 Triumph America LT
2014 Triumph America LT

2014 Triumph America LT Preview

Triumph has released a few revamped cruisers for 2014, including the two-model lineup of Thunderbirds, and the American LT.

The American LT – Triumph’s budget-savvy cruiser – returns in 2014 with touring accessories as standard.

The 2014 American LT (Light Touring) is based on the current edition of the  865cc parallel-twin cruiser that sports a low, 27.1-inch seat height, comfortable pull-back wide handlebars, and a lightweight of 551 lb.

The 2014 version is upgraded with a wide range of factory-fitted touring accessories as standard. These parts include a taller, detachable windscreen, and aluminum footboards with a heel/toe gear shifter for additional comfort.

Leather saddlebags with metal buckles over easy-to-use plastic clips are provided, along with a passenger backrest.

Powering the 2014 Triumph America LT is at the 865cc DOHC parallel twin with uneven, 270-degree fire order for a unique feel. The engine – also used in the Speedmaster and Triumph’s classic models – produces 60 horsepower at 6800 rpm, and 53 ft.-lb. of torque.

The America LT will be offered in two-tone, Blue/Sapphire Blue, and will arrive in Triumph dealerships in December 2013. The price will be $9,499.