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Touratech Accessories for the 2014 KTM Adventure & Adventure R

Electric anticipation surrounds the arrival of KTM’s new 1190 Adventure and Adventure R. Replacing the tried-and-true 990 Adventure, KTM’s new 1190 is a 148-horsepower, gravel-eating adventure motorcycle offering precise handling, class-leading brakes, and suspension capable of handling even the most extreme off-road conditions.

What the new KTM 1190 Adventure R needs, however, are a few upgrades that will allow it to safely venture long distances carrying the gear you’ll need along the way. So, when a new 1190 Adventure R arrived at Touratech-USA, the team was eager to install the most important protective parts including their new Expedition Skid Plate and Quick-Release Headlight Guard.

The Touratech team also equipped the KTM with a set of Zega Pro panniers, a Zega Pro Topcase, Expandable Touring Tankbag, Large Sidestand Foot and a GPS Mounting Bracket.

Here’s a list of the Essential Accessories Touratech installed on the 2013 KTM 1190 Adventure:

Zega Pro Pannier System: $1,300 – $1,502

The Touratech Zega Pro pannier system is the ultimate luggage solution for the KTM 1190 Adventure. Zega Pro panniers have provided secure and dry storage for adventure riders the world over. The aluminum body and removable lid feature rugged corner protection, as well as low-profile loops that provide a flat surface to secure additional dry bags. Crafted with 1.5mm aluminum and stainless steel rivet construction, Touratech’s Zega Pro panniers are available in 31, 38, and 45 liter sizes and three different finishes: bare aluminum, anodized silver and anodized black.

Zega Pro Topcase Rack: $196

Made entirely of stainless steel and specifically designed for the KTM 1190 attachment points, the topcase rack is the perfect way to attach ZEGA PRO Topcases equipped with the Rapid Trap system to your bike. The Topcase rack can be used on its own or in conjunction with the Zega Pro pannier system.

25-Liter Rapid-Trap Zega Pro Topcase: $572

Shapely, sturdy and state-of-the-art, this case meets every requirement. Made from 1.5 mm thick aluminum at the Touratech factory in Niedereschach, Germany, this case is waterproof, dust-proof and extremely tough. The heavy duty protective plastic strips on the corners and bottom edge are bolted on – which means they can be replaced if necessary. Add a keyed lock and your possessions will be secure while you’re away from the motorcycle.

Upper Engine Crash Bars: $349

Like a roll-cage for your motorcycle, Touratech upper crash bars provide ultimate protection for your KTM 1190 Adventure or ADV R.  Picking up where the OEM KTM crash bars leave off, the Touratech upper crash bars extend your engine protection upward to give full coverage for your vulnerable and costly fairing plastics and radiator. Made of stout 25mm (1″) diameter stainless steel tubing, then powder-coated KTM Orange, these crash bars are the perfect complement to the existing KTM 1190 bars.

Expedition Skid Plate:  $375

Touratech’s Expedition Skid Plate offers an ultra-strong stainless steel sub-mount, 4mm thick aluminum construction with corrugated channels for extra strength, replaceable polyamide nylon sliders, low-profile design, and complete coverage of the engine.  This armor is finished with polyamide nylon rails that absorb impact, protect bolt heads and provide a sliding surface for overcoming obstacles.

Quick-Release Stainless Steel Headlight Guard: $131

Don’t let the lights go out on your adventure!  Touratech’s stainless steel guard with quick-release mount allows you to easily keep the headlight on your KTM 1190 Adventure clean and free from damage. Touratech’s Quick-Release Stainless Steel Headlight Guard is available in black and KTM Orange.

Touratech 25mm Bar Risers: $74

Riders can customize the fit of their KTM 1190 Adventure with a set of Touratech bar risers. When the bike fits the rider, long trips are more enjoyable. Touratech bar risers for the 1190 Adventure increase bar height 25mm (1″).

Touratech Large Sidestand Foot: $41

Touratech’s Large Sidestand Foot stabilizes the KTM 1190 Adventure  when parked in grass, gravel, mud or forest soil. The increased surface area of the Touratech Sidestand Foot dramatically improves the stability of the KTM 1190 Adventure, making off-the-beaten-path parking much easier.

Touratech Hand Guards: $112

Protect your KTM’s bars, levers, and controls with a set of Touratech handguards. Built out of extremely tough plastic, these hand guards give you the benefit of being flexible, absorbing impact instead of transferring it to your handlebars or bar mounts like a rigid aluminum or steel guard. Available in several different colors, these guards come with all the necessary mounting hardware and are designed to be an exact fit for your KTM 1190 Adventure’s original handlebars.

GPS Mounting Bracket: $82

Mount your GPS securely in the ideal location above your KTM 1190 Adventure’s gauges with this GPS mounting adapter from Touratech.  The bracket provides a 12mm (1/2″) cross bar above your gauges, the perfect location for your GPS screen.  Touratech’s GPS Mounting Bracket is available in black and KTM Orange.

Aluminum Chain Guard: $115

Tired of replacing plastic chain guards? The flimsy stock plastic chain guard that comes standard on the KTM 1190 Adventure works for preventing chain oil fling, but that’s about it.  This beautifully laser-cut and anodized aluminum and stainless steel chain guard from Touratech not only looks great on your KTM 1190, it is also strong enough to last a worldwide expedition and protects against chain malfunctions.

Expandable Touring Tankbag: $386

A generic fit tank bag just doesn’t belong on a refined machine like the KTM 1190 Adventure. Choose a tank bag that will stay in place because the bottom panel is molded to the shape of the bodywork. Touratech offers the highest quality and best fitting tank bag designed specifically for your KTM 1190 Adventure or Adventure R.  Hand-made in the black forest of Germany, Touratech tank bags are packed with features designed by riders for riders, specifically with adventure motorcycle touring in mind.

Touratech Works Footpegs:  $197

These “Works” foot pegs were designed specifically for the needs of long distance touring and off-road riding on your KTM 1190.  The serrated claw design of the peg has plenty of grip for off-road riding, but the teeth are rounded on top so they won’t tear up your touring boots.  The 52mm (2-inch) wide peg offers tons of stability when standing on up on the pegs, and support when sitting down on the street.  The pegs are designed to clear mud, and rocks through the center, to maintain traction no matter what the weather or terrain.  You’ll never need to worry about slipping off your KTM’s pegs when they’re wet or muddy.

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