Red Bull Straight Rhythm – 1/2 Mile Supercross, No Turns (Video)

Red Bull Straight Rhythm Supercross with Stewart, Dungey & Bogle

The Red Bull Straight Rhythm is simple – it’s Supercross without the turns.

Red Bull says in this new format, the track is “unwound,” and contains a 1/2-mile straight rhythm section of whoops, triples, doubles, table tops and step on/offs.

The riders “must focus exclusively on reading the terrain directly in front of them and correctly judging their speed for precise distance and control.”

Highlighted in the video above, a few of Supercross’ top riders, including James Stewart, Ryan Dungey, Justin Bogle, Malcolm Stewart, Marvin Musquin and Jesse Nelson, recently competed on this new layout. Red Bull says due to the competitive nature of the rivalries, “there’s potential for a new competitive moto format.”

Red Bull Straight Rhythm - 1/2 Mile Supercross, No Turns (Video)


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