R&G Heated Grips – Winter Motorcycling Made Easy

R&G Heated Grips
R&G Heated Grips

R&G Motorcycle Heated Grips

R&G can extend the riding season with its updated and super-warm Heated Grips.

Recently awarded a 2013 UK’s RiDE magazine Kit Award in the Heated Grips category, the R&G items are competitively priced at $59.99 so that riders don’t have to break the bank to keep riding through the colder months.

The single-button-activated grips warm up to 95°F in just two minutes and will go as hot as 140°F, depending on which of the five heat settings are used – making them equally suitable for chilly spring morning blasts and autumn evening rides.

Riding at just 30mph in 30°F will half the temperature to a brisk 15°F. If your hands aren’t warm when controlling the motorcycle then you may be unable to concentrate and your fingers cannot operate the controls effectively.

As a universal product for standard size 7/8in (22mm) handlebars, R&G Heated Grips are simple to fit with minimal wiring between the grips, control box and battery.

With a generous length of wiring the Heated Grips can easily be connected to the bike’s battery or hard-wired into the ignition so that they turn off automatically when the bike is not being used.

R&G Heated Grips come complete with fitting instructions, all connecting cables and the control box. Grip glue ($8.75) can also be purchased to secure them to the bar and throttle tube.

R&G Heated Grips
R&G Heated Grips

R&G Heated Grips Features:

  • Heat to 95°F (35°C) in just two minutes and go as hot as 140°F (60°C)
  • Five heat settings, single button operation
  • Simple two wire installation (direct to battery)
  • Fits standard 7/8 (22mm) and tapered handlebars
  • Also compatible with ATVs
  • Open-ended design for easy installation on bikes with bar-end weights, handguards or throttle locks.

For additional information, visit Twisted Throttle, the exclusive distributor of R&G.


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