SuperTrapp Fat Duals for Harley-Davidson Softails

SuperTrapp-Fat-Duals-Harley-Davidson-SoftailHarley-Davidson Softail owners can now enjoy a Fat Duals 2:2 system from SuperTrapp. The system is claimed to weigh 10-percent less than stock, with 1.75-inch head pipes and 2.5-inch heat shields. The mufflers are 3.5-inch bright chrome, cylindrical bodies.

SuperTrapp Fat Duals include Grooved Chrome Billet end caps, and are compatible with a 16 end caps that are sold separately, giving the owner a chance to customize his Harley-Davidson Softail’s appearance.  Fat Duals fit 1984 to 2011 Softails.

SuperTrapp is celebrating 42 years of manufacturing comprehensive performance exhaust systems for a variety of motor vehicle applications, including motorcycles, ATVs and automobiles.