Penton Film To Be Released In Theaters in 2014

With over 90 interviews shot and 15 more to go, the feature documentary, Penton: The John Penton Story, is currently in post-production and has a new theatrical distribution partnership with Gathr Films in Los Angeles. The producers of the film, Pipeline Digital Media, are excited to distribute with Gathr Films because Gathr allows communities to pull film content to their local theaters. Penton’s loyal followers will use social media and grassroots efforts to spread the word and “evangelize” the screenings in their towns among friends, family, the community and the motorcycle industry to pre-book the local theatre for special screenings of Penton: The John Penton Story. Gathr’s CEO, Scott Glosserman has characterized Gathr as “The love child of Netflix and Kickstarter.”

Gathr Films has relationships with theaters all across the United States. This includes large commercial theater chains, as well as independent art houses. Gathr can also facilitate screenings in a wide array of venues such as libraries or community centers—all that is needed are seats and digital projection capabilities. It is then up to the fans to spread the word about the event!

Pipeline Digital Media knew this would be a perfect fit for Penton: The John Penton Story with the over 500 backers who helped fund the production of the film through Kickstarter, as well as the thousands of loyal motorcycle fans, motorcycle dealers, and clubs that will want to bring the movie to their town.

“It will be great to have the film available to all the Penton and motorcycle fans in all markets to see it on the big screen,” said Todd Huffman, the film’s producer at Pipeline Digital Media. “Gathr is the perfect partner for the film and this type of audience.”

“We are excited to have the Penton film as part of our roster,” said Scott Glosserman, CEO of Gathr Films. “The loyalty of the motorcycle industry and this story in particular is what Gathr Films is all about.”

Motorcycle enthusiasts and movie fans alike can simply go to the Gathr website to bring the story of John Penton’s passion and influence to their local theater. Once the movie is released, watch for a review by Ultimate MotorCycling editor Don Williams, a longtime admirer of the Penton motorcycle brand.


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