Sargent Modular Seat System for Kawasaki Concours & ZX-14

Sargent Modular Seat System on Kawasaki ZX-14

Sargent Motorcycle Seats

Sargent Cycle Products World Sport Modular Seat System gives Kawasaki Concours and ZX-14 riders a choice of configurations to suit storage needs and passenger accommodations, adding to the seats’ comfort modifications that enable more enjoyable sport touring.

The modular system is based on Sargent’s proprietary PolyTec seat pan, which comes fitted with a front seat and integrated rear platform on which to mount an optional storage pod or passenger seat; owners of first-generation ZX-14s can also use a rear seat cowling.

Sargent’s popular, non-modular, one-piece World Sport Performance seats are also available for both bikes. All come in regular- and reduced-height versions, in addition to built-in seat-heating options for rider and passenger.

Looking like a sleek factory accessory, Sargent’s lockable, 5.7 liter Storage Pod quickly fastens to the modular seat pan’s rear section with quick-release Dzus fasteners. The pod comes with a pair of keys, has a spring-action lid, interior LED lighting and a waterproof seal. This convenient lock box is offered in three finishes: color-matched to complement all model years, in a beautiful carbon-fiber look or without paint, ready to be customized.

When it’s time to take someone along for the ride, pop off the pod and quickly mount the Integral Skin Passenger Seat in its place. Also removable with a pair of quick-release Dzus fasteners, the modular system’s rear seat features Sargent’s own foam with a black CarbonFX-textured seating surface. Its enhanced shape minimizes forward sliding and increases passenger comfort.

Unique to 2006-2011 ZX-14s is the ability to convert Kawasaki seat cowlings into pivoting storage covers over the rear portion of modular system’s seat base. Unfortunately, they don’t fit Sargent’s standard, one-piece World Sport Performance seats.

All World Sport Concours and ZX-14 seats are available in regular and low versions, which have a significant 1.5 inch height difference, but cost the same. Sargent’s regular-height seats sit at the same levels as both bikes’ stock saddles; Sargents low option is on par with the Kawasaki’s lower-height accessory gel seats.

World Sport Modular and World Sport Performance seats use Sargent’s Super Cell Atomic Foam Suspension. Developed through years of R&D in all conditions, it’s formulated for maximum comfort. This high-tech foam offers the perfect blend of durability, firmness and vibration absorption, and is wrapped by a moisture barrier.

Concours and ZX-14 seats come with black CarbonFX seating inserts, vinyl trim and black accent piping; color-matched piping is optional.

Even more comfort and convenience are provided by Sargent’s most popular upgrade – an efficient, easy-to-use seat-heating system that is installed during production. It’s available in the modular’s front seat, but not its Integral Skin passenger perch. The standard, one-piece World Sport Performance seat can be outfitted for riders and passengers. A do-it-yourself kit is also available for post-purchase upgrading.

Bonded to a seat’s foam, Sargent’s thin Fine Wire heating pad is undetectable while riding. Designed to conform to riders’ anatomies, it flexes to maintain the foam’s comfort and suspension qualities. The pad has soft, pliable layers sandwiching Nichrome heating elements that spread heat evenly, from a warm 98 degrees to a butt-on-fire 125-plus that penetrates heavy winter riding gear.

When attached to one of Sargent’s state-of-the-art digital controllers, each pad warms up quickly in its automatic boost mode upon start up. This unit accurately regulates consistent temperature with micro-adjustability, rather than old-tech high and low settings. Small and waterproof, the controller can be mounted in any orientation, has an easy-to-read, 10-bar LED display that is adjustable for brightness, and raised buttons, making it easier to operate with gloved hands.

All Sargent seating products are backed with three levels of post-purchase protection. They’re covered by a 1-year limited warranty to be free from defects in workmanship and materials.

Seats ordered directly from Sargent come with a no-risk, 30-day money-back guarantee and an extended warranty at no extra cost. It protects foam and hardware for five years; covers for two years. The company’s comprehensive aftercare program offers repair, reupholstering and refurbishing services.

World Sport Performance seats are available for more than 80 models of Aprilia, BMW, Ducati, Harley, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph and Yamaha sportbikes, standards, sport-tourers, dual-sports, adventure bikes and cruisers.

Sargent Cycle Products builds the ultimate in distinctive, high-performance motorcycle seating products and upholstery. For more information on its entire line of replacement seats and related accessories, please visit, call 800-749-7328 (SEAT) or visit the company’s active Facebook page.