Harley-Davidson Releases Accessory LED Lighting (48 Choices)

Harley LED Headlamp
Harley LED Headlamp
Harley LED Headlamp

Harley-Davidson Accessory LED Lighting

Motorcycling on dimly lit back roads presents significant challenges, from lurking deer to poorly marked corners and inattentive drivers. According to engineers at Harley-Davidson, installing LED motorcycle lighting is the fastest, easiest way to enhance visibility for harsh night-riding conditions.

Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories offers 48 LED lighting accessories, including headlamps, auxiliary lamps, tail lamps and turn signals for almost all late-model Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and has grouped them together on its new h-d.com/store website.

That page also features graphic and video demonstrations of the dramatic difference between incandescent and Harley-Davidson LED lighting performance.

The output of Harley-Davidson LED headlamps and auxiliary lamps is brighter, whiter in color, and provides a superior light pattern compared to Original Equipment incandescent lamps.

The solid-state LED lamps feature a shock- and vibration-resistant assembly that mounts into the existing light housing. Installation uses the factory headlamp wiring – no external ballast or complicated wire harness is required.

The brilliant, fast-acting LED arrays used in Harley-Davidson accessory tail lamps and turn signals enhance the visibility of the motorcycle during day and night riding.