Gear / Parts HeliBars Releases Horizon Multi-Axis Handlebars for BMW K1600

HeliBars Releases Horizon Multi-Axis Handlebars for BMW K1600

BMW K1600 GT & GTL HeliBars Horizon ST & ST Sport Handlebars

HeliBars today introduced two heights of Horizon Multi-Axis Adjustable Handlebars for BMW K1600s that decrease upper-body fatigue and muscle ache, offering greater comfort.

Replacing the bikes’ stock handlebars, Horizon ST-Sport and ST bars have a patented pivot system that allows them to change riders’ wrist angles by moving up and down, as well as forward and back 2 inches.

Heli’s uniquely angled handlebar assembly bolts directly to a custom top plate above the 1600’s triple clamp without cockpit modifications.

For GTL-mounted cross-country adventurers and day-tripping GT-model riders alike, Heli’s ST-Sport and standard ST version of these Horizon handlebars transform each bike with up to 2 inches of height. They allow more natural seating positions for bodies of various torso and arm lengths to help riders more easily support their weight, taking some stress off their lower backs. Handlebar width was increased by one inch over stock, to 30 inches giving an extra bit of steering leverage.

This less cramped seating position greatly contributes to overall comfort. In addition, it helps bestow bikes with lighter handling, more low-speed parking-lot maneuverability, relaxed cruising, better chassis feedback and easier body English adjustments, which are crucial to smooth motorcycle operation.

Even the least technically savvy riders will find them simple to mount with common tools and HeliBars’ comprehensive installation instructions in about two hours. The ST-Sport bars (HST05083) fit GT models using stock clutch cables, brake lines, grips, anti-vibration damper assemblies and bar-end weights. The GTL kit (HST05078) will also fit the GT, but due to their additional height, GT models require the GTL’s longer brake hose.

Meticulously manufactured in Maine, the handlebars are pre-drilled to mate with switch housings and have threaded ends to easily mount bar-end weights. They’re finished in a tough, fade-resistant silver powder coating to match the bikes’ aesthetics. For strength and security, the assemblies are held together with Allen-head hardware made from a tough steel alloy.

Like all HeliBars products, the K1600 setups are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee via Heli’s 30-day return policy, and come with a one-year warranty.

HeliBars makes handlebar and riser systems for 14 of BMW’s popular 1994 to 2013 touring and sport-touring motorcycles. Heli’s other replacement handlebars are engineered to fit a wide range of Japanese and European sport-touring bikes built in the past 27 years.

Offering handcrafted excellence, the company has more than 70 different HeliBars products that improve the ergonomics of sportbikes, sport tourers, touring bikes and cruisers without changing their overall looks.

Currently in development and soon to be introduced is a handlebar bridge for the Yamaha FJR1300 that mounts under its stock handlebars to make them 1 inch taller and offer a choice of three mounting points that bring the bars up to 3 inches closer to riders.

Please visit for more information about HeliBars’ innovative product line or call 800-859-4642. Additional company-related news is available on its Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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