AMA Go Ride! Month Wraps Up

AMA Go Ride! Month Wraps Up2013 AMA Go Ride! Month

AMA Go Ride! Month in April 2013 concludes Tuesday after a month-long celebration of the motorcycling lifestyle with on- and off-highway motorcyclists across the country.

In addition to providing AMA members and riders with event and riding information, the AMA also conducted numerous weekly contests and on Friday, May 3, will announce the winners of a drawing for prizes from AMA partner Helmet House.

Rob Dingman (AMA President & CEO) says: “We’ve had a lot of fun engaging AMA members and riders with AMA Go Ride! Month. Even where the weather has been less than cooperative, motorcyclists across America have demonstrated, once again, our passion for riding is strong and enduring.”

Dingman noted that each day in April the AMA posted news, fun facts and questions on the association’s website and Facebook page, generating over 1.5 million impressions from the AMA’s social network of 53,000 Facebook fans and their friends.

Rob Dingman says: “AMA Go Ride! Month is also a great way for us to kick off Motorcycle Awareness Month in May, when we urge the motoring public to watch for motorcyclists as we take to the roads and highways in pursuit of the freedom we experience on every ride.”

During each week of AMA Go Ride! Month, the AMA focused on a special motorcycling theme. Week 1 was “AMA Go Ride Your Way!” week and tapped into the individualism of motorcycling on favorite roads and trails. Week 2, “AMA Go Ride Together!” week, showcased the fun of riding with family, friends and co-workers, including AMA clubs and the online motorcycle community. The theme for week 3 was “AMA Go Ride for a Cause!” and spotlighted events and activities where motorcyclists celebrate their love of riding to support worthy causes and help others less fortunate. The final week, “AMA Go Ride Safely!” week, promoted rider training, skills development and selecting the proper riding apparel to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on every ride.

Numerous promotions took place during AMA Go Ride! Month. The AMA Up, Down, All-Around Flash Tour photo contest invited participants to submit photographs of trips to the highest, lowest or most remote part of their state, or an historical or cultural landmark unique to the state. Each week a winner was selected to receive a Helmetlok next-generation lock and cable set.

Another weekly photo contest, Freedom Friday, alerted riders to important issues that pose threats to motorcycling freedoms. Four weekly themes were highlighted: health-insurance discrimination, motorcycle bans, the safety of E15 fuel and distracted driving. Entrants submitted photos illustrating the weekly issue and the best photos earned AMA members an AMA gift bag and a gift card.

A third contest was sponsored by Choice Hotels. Entrants emailed their name, AMA number, and the difference between the gas mileage of their bike and their car or SUV. The winner was awarded a $100 gas card and two nights’ stay at a Choice Hotel.

Qualifying AMA members in all contests have been entered into a May 3 drawing for great prizes from Helmet House, including a Shoei helmet, Tour Master Intake jacket and Cortech tank bags.

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