Corbin Dual Saddle Seat for 2011-2013 Triumph Speed Triple

Corbin Dual Saddle on Triumph Speed Triple

Triumph Speed Triple Corbin Seat

Comfort and style together in one package is what made the Corbin name famous worldwide.  Delivering a quality product constructed of the finest materials available has made Corbin the number one manufacturer of motorcycle saddles for over four decades.

The Triumph Speed Triple Saddle is a perfect example of this unified form and function. 

Designed to maximize comfort and usability while providing a custom look and longer riding range. Corbin saddles are shaped to provide contoured support that lasts all day and will become your favorite accessory the first ride out.

This saddle provides excellent weight dispersion and eliminates hot spots due to the seats increased body area. The tendency to slide in the saddle which causes fatigue is greatly reduced.

Corbin builds their saddles with their exclusive Comfort Cell foam for a firm, supportive ride that lasts. Comfort Cell will support you for years and will provide a personalized fit after break in (approximately 1,500 miles) for the life of your saddle.

Another benefit of Corbin’s neutralized seating is that it creates a nice back support area for the rider. Notice how the step in the saddle gives both platforms a level posture and also creates six inches of lower back support up front. Even with the improved shaping, the Corbin Canyon Dual Sport saddle still provides a clean line on the bike.

Corbin uses only quality leather which will break in along with the Comfort Cell foam for a luxurious ride. Always care for your saddle with a good conditioner like Corbin's Saddle Cream. For this model we've used Black Carbon-Fiber leather in the seating with Asphalt vinyl sides for contrast and a tasteful red welt.

In order to maximize the seating areas and provide two-up comfort, the Corbin saddle does not work with the factory seat cowl or tail pack. Saddle installs like stock and integrates with the Triumph key lock.

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