Rocky Mountain High Rendezvous for Adventure Motorcyclists

Rocky Mountain High Rendezvous for Adventure Motorcyclists2013 Adventure Motorcycle Tours

Horizons Unlimited is sponsoring a secluded weekend of the real thing: adventure travel motorcycles, globe riding destinations, motorcycling secrets, how-to, multimedia shows and fun.

Horizons Unlimited has booked a private events center/campground for Horizons Unlimited registered guests only.

Hundreds of adventure travel motorcyclists today are circling the world or are on extended journeys. Kawasaki, KTM, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, BMW, even a Ural, FN and Vespa are out there, on the road looping the globe.

Cuba, Burma, Russia, China, all formerly near to impossible to enter or pass through, have recently been transited by Horizons Unlimited members.

One-hundred years ago, a 21 year-old motorcycle adventurer first circled the globe.  Using a 1912 Henderson motorcycle (four cylinders in line, 934 cc, one gear, and 7 horsepower) Carl Stearns Clancy marked the trail for others to follow: Ted Simon, Jim Rogers, Robert Fulton,… they rode over some of the original trails Clancy used to first circumnavigate the globe with on motorized two wheels.

On June 21, 2013, modern-day adventure riders will finish a ‘round the world journey in New York City, celebrating 100 years of motorcyclists doing what many said was impossible: riding a motorcycle around the world.

The price is $49 pre-paid or $59 at the gate, and this is the entrance fee for one or both nights of sleeping on the ground next to a Rocky Mountain brook, in the kind of clean fresh air John Denver made famous. Free are the wild  adventure travel multimedia shows each evening, schmoozing with hardened overland motorcycle travelers who have tagged the ends of the earth, and tire-kicking about cooking and camping equipment, riding gear, which motorcycle is best, costs and how to cross borders with the right paperwork (or not).

The limited number of motorcycle travelers and serious adventure riders will be meeting in Grant, Colorado, less than an hour away from Denver, to connect, share secrets, trade tales and make day rides on some of the acknowledged best roads, trails and tracks on the globe, over passes like the famed Independence Pass into Aspen.  Or try some off-pavement adventures crossing Boreas, Guanella, Webster or Mosquito Passes.

The Plan:

  • Check-in anytime after 3 p.m. Friday, July 12.
  • Evening milling, chilling, cooking, ride-out to dinner nearby, and possible multimedia show(s)
  • Saturday, July 13:  Riding, groups or solo.
  • Saturday evening:  Cooking, chilling, ride-outs to dinner nearby, and presentations and multimedia shows after 7 p.m. until?
  • Sunday:  On the roads, around the globe or general wandering journeys.


Information can be found at the Horizons Unlimited Meeting pages.