Destination: New Zealand | Motorcycle Travel

Destination: New Zealand | Motorcycle Travel

Traveling New Zealand via Motorcycle

Isolated in the South Pacific, New Zealand has a unique biosphere that makes it one of the more unusual destinations in the world, with flora and fauna that is found nowhere else on the planet.

Other features we find particularly attractive as motorcyclists include striking mountains, glaciers, and fjords on the larger South Island, and the North Island’s active Taupo volcanic zone‚ oh, and there are also plenty of uncrowded scenic roads, with New Zealand ranking 202nd in the world in population density.

Three primary population centers – Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch – keep civilization within reach on both islands, with the vast majority of the South Island being rural and freckled with National Parks and vast tracts of greenery.

About 10-percent of New Zealand’s workforce relies on tourism, so visitors are both welcome and well attended. The most recent push by Tourism New Zealand is in association with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey motion picture”100% Middle-earth, 100% Pure New Zealand.” This advertising slogan underscores the otherworldly attraction that New Zealand enjoys.

Given its far southern latitude, snow in the south is common in August, and the oceanic location means rain prevalent all year long. Avoid the dead of winter and you should have pleasant weather.

With an in-house fleet of new-condition motorcycles – BMWs, Hondas, Triumphs, and Harley-Davidsons – South Pacific Motorcycle Tours (SPMT) positions itself as a premium full-service tour company, that also offers self-guided tours and rentals.

For motorcyclists looking for a ride that covers both islands fully, SPMT offers the 23 Day Twin Island Discovery Tour. Starting at the north in Auckland and ending in Christchurch near the center of the South Island, few attractions are left unexplored. Of course, Hobbiton, where The Hobbit was filmed, is one of the stops, along with more traditional New Zealand destinations.

Catering to motorcyclists with an eye for geologic attractions, the tour visits Mt. Cook, crosses remote Haast Pass in the Southern Alps (yes, they call their mountains the Alps), and hugs the Buller River at the bottom of Buller Gorge alongside the Stillwater-Westport Line railway. In all, the 23-day tour covers nearly 3000 miles with four-star and the occasional unique lodging.