CruzTools RoadTech B1 | BMW Motorcycle Tool Kit Review

Motorcycle Tool Kits

Today's moto-explorer knows the importance of having the proper kit for the inevitable trail or roadside repair. Yet, identifying and amassing a purpose-built tool roll for your specific bike is a time consuming exercise in trial and error.

This is an especially touchy subject among BMW owners who usually have to retrofit their entire inventory of tools to accommodate the multitude of Torx fasteners and odd-sized metric nuts and hex heads found on the Bavarian machines.

CruzTools makes it a one-stop shop with its new RoadTech B1 tool kit specifically for BMW motorcycles. Contents include a brand-specific assortment of Torx wrenches, locking pliers, an adjustable wrench, a 6-in-1 driver and bits, cable ties, and Loctite, plus bailing wire and electrical tape for a MacGyver scenario.

Along with the CruzTools T50 wheel wrench and 19 x 22mm axle hex adapter for removing the front wheel, the RoadTech B1 kit includes all of the tools necessary for common road side fixes. Hitting the scales at less than four pounds, it is half the weight of the tool roll Associate Editor Jess McKinley put together and typically carries on his personal R 1200 GS Adventure.

On a recent ride through Mojave Desert, the CruzTools RoadTech B1 kit was extemely handy in diagnosing and fixing a rear drive train issue that took 30 minutes at a gas station, rather than losing an entire day or more finding a local shop.

The kit runs around $120; for additional information, log onto


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