Sargent Cycle: Factory & Do-It-Yourself Heated Seat Kits

Motorcycle Heated Seat Kits

Sargent Cycle Products puts motorcyclists in the hot seat to enjoy butt-warming comfort with factory-installed Heated Seat Upgrades and Do-It-Yourself Heated Seat Kits, all of which come equipped with a new, state-of-the art digital controller.

Available as an upgrade when ordering new World Sport seats, installed by Sargent on customer-supplied seats, or purchased as a kit, they’re equipped with Sargent’s exclusive Fine Wire heating pad that helps extend the riding season by warming precious personal assets. Just 1mm thick, it’s constructed from soft, pliable synthetic base layers sandwiching thin Nichrome heating elements.

Specifically designed for motorcycles, they’re sold separately for front and back locations. Virtually undetectable while riding, the pad’s unique, scalloped shape results in a great fit, giving excellent butt and upper thigh coverage without binding or wrinkling. Each pad’s pair of independent lobes is bonded to the seat foam, spreading heat evenly over more than 90 square inches. Connected to Sargent’s new digital controller, it fires up in minutes to surface temperatures between 98 and 125 degrees.

Engineered with the latest microprocessor technology, this small, precise, easy-to adjust comfort regulator takes heated seat control technology to the next level. Maintaining consistent temperature regardless of ambient readings, it offers a full range of heating levels, instead of limited “high” and “low” settings.

The controller is just 1/2 inch thick, three inches long and 1-1/4 inches wide. Completely waterproof, its injection-molded body houses a ten-step LED bar display that is reversible, so the unit can be mounted in any direction. Raised, illuminated buttons with up and down arrows control the desired amount of heat and provide crisp feedback–even to gloved hands. Once adjusted, the LEDs show temperature readings in daylight or darkness. User settings for power and brightness are stored in memory. To avoid draining batteries, the unit shuts down when its host motorcycle isn’t running.

Drawing just 2 amps per Fine Wire pad at full power, Sargent’s Heated Seat Upgrades and Do-It-Yourself Kits come with seat pads, digital controllers, color-coded SAE wiring harnesses, connectors, in-line fuses, relays and complete instructions.

Every Sargent seat is backed with three levels of post-purchase protection. Initially, they’re covered by a one-year limited warranty to be free from defects in workmanship and materials. Seats ordered directly from Sargent come with a no-risk, 30-day money-back guarantee and an extended warranty at no extra cost. It protects foam and hardware for five years; covers for two years. The company’s comprehensive aftercare program offers repair, reupholstering and refurbishing services. Heated seat components have one-year, limited warranties.

Sargent Cycle Products builds the ultimate in distinctive, high-performance, motorcycle seating, upholstery and related accessories. World Sport Performance seats are available for more than 80 models of Aprilias, BMWs, Ducatis, Hondas, Kawasakis, Suzukis, Triumphs and Yamahas.

For more information on its entire line of replacement seats and related accessories, please visit, call 800-749-7328 (SEAT), or visit the company on Facebook.

Sargent Cycle Products Heated Seat Upgrades; Sargent Cycle Products Do-It-Yourself Heated Seat Kit:

  • Designed specifically for motorcycles
  • Available as a do-it-yourself kit
  • Available as an upgrade with new Sargent World Sport Performance seats
  • Available as a Sargent-installed upgrade on customer-supplied seats
  • Based on Fine Wire heating pad that is just 1mm thick
  • Soft and pliable pad incorporates thin Nichrome heating elements
  • Scalloped shape results in a great fit
  • Pad is virtually undetectable while riding
  • Heat spread evenly over more than 90 square inches
  • Surface temperatures between 98 and 125 degrees
  • State-of-the art digital controller maintains consistent temperature
  • Full range of heating levels, not just “high” and “low” settings
  • Heat settings shown on a ten-bar LED display
  • Raised, illuminated heat-selection buttons provide crisp feedback
  • Easy to use with gloved hands
  • Display can be seen clearly in daylight or darkness
  • User settings for power and brightness are stored in memory
  • Controller is just 1/2 inch thick, three inches long and 1-1/4 inches wide
  • Unit can be mounted in any direction
  • Shuts down when its host motorcycle isn’t running
  • Color-coded SAE wiring harnesses, connectors, in-line fuses and relays included
  • Complete installation instructions
  • Available separately for rider and passenger seats
  • Power Input/Output: 12-14 volts
  • Power Draw: 2 amps at full power
  • Standard Warranty: One year on seats and heated seat components
  • Money-Back Seat Guarantee: 30 days if purchased directly from Sargent
  • Extended Seat Warranty: Foam and hardware five years; covers for two years
  • Retail Pricing: Do-It-Yourself Heated Seat Kit: $179.95; New Sargent Heated Seat Upgrade: $150 per seating area; installation on customer-supplied seat: $191 per seating area

This press release was issued by PutterPowerMedia on behalf of Sargent Cycle Products North America.


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