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2012-schuberth-src-system-communicator-review 1Schuberth SRC-System Test

I’ve reviewed Schuberth’s S2 full-face motorcycle helmet in the past, but that was prior to the German company’s release of the S2 SRC Communication System.

The SRC-System is Schuberth’s in-helmet Bluetooth communication system that is based on the Cardo Scala platform. Once installed (a very easy process involving essentially a mere swapping out of the helmet’s neck collar), the S2 is transformed into the only motorcycle helmet in the world with built-in FM and Bluetooth antennas that plug directly into the SRC-System and enhance the communication distance between paired helmets as well as the FM radio reception.

Once installed, you will be able to communicate wirelessly with up to two other Cardo-equipped riders simultaneously. The SRC also supports Bluetooth-enabled peripheral devices such as cell phones, GPS units and MP3 players.

2012-schuberth-src-system-communicator-review 3The most important functions can also be operated by voice commands, which is ideal from a safety standpoint. The mic that picks up your voice signal is one of the things that has been vastly improved from earlier SRC systems I have tested.

The new mic is much smaller and mounts via adhesive to the inside front of the lid. In the past, I have had minor issues with finding the right placement for the boom mic. But this new mic is slim and attaches to a wire instead of a boom – you don’t even realize it’s there.

There was not much you could have improved on the last version of the SRC, but the microphone certainly was a smart change. The S2 SRC-System and S2 helmet are available now from authorized Schuberth dealers. Grab yours today and do the seemingly impossible – make one of the world’s most amazingly quiet and safe helmets even better.

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