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Zerust Motorcycle Covers

As the leaves begin to fall and riding season in many parts of the country comes to a close, it’s time to invest in protecting your powersports unit for the off-reason.

Even if your unit is stored in a garage or an outbuilding, it is still susceptible to corrosion if left unprotected. Much more than a dust cover, Zerust Corrosion Protection Products prevent corrosion and rust from forming.

Available for both motorcycle and ATV applications, Zerust covers are ideal for seasonal storage and to keep vintage and custom bikes in show-quality condition.

Budd Dworkin of Zerust says: “All other covers simply protect a bike from dust while the Zerust cover actually protects the metal parts from rusting.”

The secret to Zerust’s unrivaled protection is in the Xfilm liner, which boasts anti-rust and anti-corrosion technology guaranteed to deliver five years of performance. This patented rust inhibitor releases a harmless vapor that protects metal from the harmful effects of moisture and impurities in the air.

Corrosion proof, water resistant and mold-proof, Zerust covers are unlike any other powersports cover.

ATV covers retail at just $39.95, and the motorcycle covers start at an MSRP of $94.99.

Consumers can visit zerustproducts.com to take advantage of free shipping on Zerust powersports covers. Zerust is also accepting new dealer applications. Contact Zerust Products at info@zerustproducts.com or call (866) 2-ZERUST for more information.


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