Kriega Overlander 30 Breaks Cover

Kreiga Dual Sport Motorcycle Gear

British brand extricates Dual Sport riders from the tyranny of hardcore adventure cargo-carrying…and makes a cameo in the new Bond movie.

Hot on the trail of the company’s dynamic 60-liter Dual Sport pannier platform system, comes the release of its leaner – yet just as tough – counterpart, the Kriega Overlander 30.

This new ADV pannier system represents a triumph against the forces of evil (not to mention gravity) generally associated with carrying spares, supplies, camping gear or nuclear warheads (what!?) on Enduro-style motorcycles, without the requirement of heavy and expensive racks. US Distributor, BritKit’s Michael Walshaw [tongue firmly in cheek], made the following public statement:

“With the Overlander 30, the chaps back at Kriega HQ continue the tradition of taking matters into their own hands to deal out effective solutions to problems which threaten the freedom of motorcyclists everywhere.

“007 may have been forced to ‘liberate’ a Honda CRF250R in order to obtain the undercover Kriega US-20 tail pack featured in his latest adventure SKYFALL. But we like to think that, had he known an off-road bike was to be involved this time out, Q would have issued Commander Bond with the Overlander 30.”

The Overlander 30’s unique, super-secure, universal frameless-fit strap system, collaborates seamlessly with a pair of 100 per cent waterproof, virtually ‘bombproof’, 15-liter Drypacks, bringing true duality of function to off-road focused Dual Sport bikes. Thus, emancipating owners of these supremely capable machines to enjoy them to their fullest potential.

Attachment to the rear fender (via Kriega’s ingenious Rack Loops) and the frame (via proprietary Alloy Hook ‘ladder lock’ Straps) of any dirt bike affords adjustable positioning so the rider can find the ideal weight distribution for their ride.

The super low-profile Rack Loops mean that even rear fuel tank KTM and Husaberg owners can get in on the action. In fact, these fixtures can also play ‘double agent’, mounting Kriega US bike packs, from 5 to 30 liters (or any similarly sized item for that matter), to the tail, without any fuss.

Weekend “reccies” or extended wilderness ‘exercises’ need no longer involve battles with towers of roll bags, tangles of bungee cord and a compromised seating position. Instead, conflict is averted and balance maintained in a manner which preserves freedom of movement. This effectively eliminates any reason to leave home without essential equipment.

Once out in the field, the chances of accidentally looping a loaded bike over rocky ground, or on a steep ascent, are dramatically reduced thanks to the load being situated below the seat and slanted forward of the rear axle.

But, should the bike experience sustained contact and assume prone position, a well-packed Overlander 30 has the potential to act as a bodyguard, creating an energy-absorbing barrier for plastics, and feasibly ‘taking a bullet’ for engine casings and other VIPs (Very Important Parts).

In a final twist, owners of the Overlander 60 are able to purchase the Frameless Fit Kit separately so they can mount two of the bags from their platform system in an Overlander 30 configuration. Which, in the immortal words of Connery’s Bond, is, “Scchhplendid.”

Details of the Overlander 30 pannier system, along with the entire Kriega range of epic adventure accessories, can be found in the 2012 catalog, available free of charge at, via authorized Kriega Dealers, or viewable online here.  Catch Bond in SKYFALL at cinemas everywhere from Nov. 9.

Kriega Overlander 30 Key Features:

  •       30-liter capacity
  •       100% waterproof & dustproof
  •       2 x 15-liter 1000D Cordura Drypacks
  •       Removable, washable white inner liners
  •       Frameless fit system (no racks required)
  •       4 x Rack Loops included
  •       Lightweight, yet tough: just 3.5lbs total
  •       Fits all Enduro / MX style bikes
  •       MSRP $299


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