Cycle Case Select Helmet Bag | Review

Cycle Case Helmet Bag

As a kid, a clear indicator that I was not riding enough was when I found a bird nest in my helmet as it sat on an open shelf in the garage. Funny thing, this started to happen again – same town, different garage, more responsibilities.

Today, most all middle- and top-line helmets include some form of bag. But most of these bags will not sit as a place holder on the shelf, open and ready to encapsulate your most important piece of gear.

Enter Cycle Case, which has created a budget-minded helmet bag that fits well with their lineup of like-priced motorcycle luggage. The Cycle Case Select Helmet Bag is simple and straight forward. No frills. Black. One zipper. Two handles. It’s all it needs to be.

The bag is roomy enough to fit full face and MX style helmets. There are no internal pockets but plenty of room for an extra shield or a pair of goggles. Cycle Case calls the exterior heavy-duty “Maxtura” fabric. It feels and looks like a typical nylon.

The interior is stated as “soft fleece.” It’s not thick fleece like a jacket, rather a bit on the thin side, but enough to ward off any scratches on expensive lids. This said, I would not let the Cycle Case Select Helmet Bag roll around in the back of a pick-up truck.

And if you’re like most riders, there is more than one helmet in your garage. It may be a spare passenger’s lid, or one or more for another style of riding. The more helmets you own, the more Cycle Case’s sub $15 pricing is appealing.

The Cycle Case Select Helmet Bag has a simple purpose, and it works. Every time I grab my helmet, I know it will be in the same condition as I last took it off. Cycle Case makes no claims, but I’m pretty sure it’s bird proof, also.

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