Givi Trekker Cases | QuickShift Review

Ultimate MotorCycling QuickShift Review

I don’t have a car, so luggage is an important feature and something I use daily. Givi’s line of Trekker cases includes a 46-liter TRK46N top case and 33-liter TRK33N side cases that fit my Triumph Tiger 1050.

Givi’s kit was a snap to assemble, and the mounting brackets and cases went on easily.
The Monokey System bags snap on without needing a key, which is a great feature when you want to jump on and take off without a hassle.

Dual pivot openings allow you to pop open the cases like a clamshell, or a hatchback, a very convenient and innovative feature.

The size and shape of the cases are ideal, no odd angles or wasted interior space. The 46-liter top case is cavernous, and the 33-liter side cases are large, but without such a bulky profile. All in all, a huge step up from the Triumph stock cases.

Givi Trekker Case MSRP:

  • TRK33N side case: $320 (each)
  • TRK46N top case: $335 (each)

For additional information, log onto Givi’s website.