FIM Freestyle Motocross Debuts in China

FIM Freestyle Motocross World Championship NIGHT of the JUMPs

The International Sports Arena in Guangzhou will see rounds eight and nine of this year’s FIM Freestyle Motocross World Championship on September 15 – 16. This is going to be China’s first appearance on the FMX world map.

For sure everybody can expect a big showdown with many new impressions for the riders and the whole international Freestyle Motocross scene. But what to expect from the Chinese FMX scene? To get some insights the founders of the NIGHT of the JUMPs caught up with HAN Xiao, Director Sport of the local partner of NIGHT of the JUMPs in China.

Q. Hey Xiao, please tell us about FMX in China.

Xiao: So far there is not really an FMX-scene here in China. It’s just a few guys and the level is more or less basic, just straight jumps and nothing as brilliant as NIGHT of the JUMPs. Freestyle Motocross is still very new to China.

Q. With the NIGHT of the JUMPs – China the first major international FMX contest will be held on Chinese ground in three weeks. Why was the city of Guangzhou chosen as host for this premiere?

Xiao: With a population of roughly 13 million people Guangzhou is the biggest city in south China. It’s vicinity to Hong Kong and Macau makes it a perfect place for this kind of events. Both cities have a strong racing culture for years. Guangzhou is a sporting city with many events and for sure with the International Sports Arena has one of the best venues of its kind in China. These are the reasons why Guangzhou is the right city to welcome the first NIGHT of the JUMPs in China.

Q. How did the people react when they heard about the NIGHT of the JUMPs coming to China?

Xiao: People who know about FMX were totally stoked. But the focus in 2012 is to raise attention and interest to the sport within the Chinese public. But anyways we expect to have a full arena on both days.

Q. And what about the media? Is the Chinese press interested in FMX and the NIGHT of the JUMPs China?

Xiao: Of course! Chinese media is always interested in sport, especially if it is something new and spectacular like FMX. There will be more than 50 news agencies at the event. Including TV stations, Radio, magazines, newspapers, websites, …

Q. So is there going to be TV coverage of the contests in China?

Xiao: Yes, Guangdong Sports TV will broadcast live from the event and CCTV, Chinas biggest TV station will show highlights of the contests in its program.

Q. OK, now let’s have a look into the future: What do you expect to see in the next years around FMX in China?

Xiao: Well, as I said 2012 is just the beginning. We entered into a long term partnership with NIGHT of the JUMPs and at the moment we are talking to some companies here in China to support the sport. We want to establish and grow FMX over the next years here in China. There are even some plans to select some young local riders and support them to go to Europe or the US to train with the pros. And maybe in a few years we will see the first Chinese FMX rider at the NIGHT of the JUMPs…