Classics Qualify at 2012 Manx Grand Prix

2012 Manx Grand Prix

The Classic racers at the 2012 Manx Grand Prix were finally able to record their first proper qualifying laps following Saturday’s cancelled session and Monday’s part speed controlled lap. The Classics were first on the track tonight and many of the riders were able to get two laps in before the modern classes went out on the course.

Clerk of the Course Phil Taubman advised that there was oil at Kerrowmoar and that Marshals would be displaying the white flags with red crosses to indicate wet roads around the course.

Ross Johnson on the ’95 Kawasaki ZXR was first away shortly before 6.40pm but Michael Dunlop was clearly itching to get out and begin his qualifying campaign in earnest and was first back to the Grandstand with an opening lap of 102.57mph (22:04.268) on the Suzuki XR69 ahead of fellow Classic Superbike class rider Mick Godfey (23:34.257) on the Kawasaki.

However, Ryan Farquhar opted to join the second session rather than the first and eventually topped the leaderboard for the Classic Superbikes with a time of 107.560 (21:02.81) that he posted as Classic Superbikes were given the choice of joining either, but not both, sessions.

In the 500cc Classic class Olie Linsdell (72 Royal Enfield) and Chris Palmer on a fifty-year old Matchless G50 both got laps in, with Linsdell’s 24:03.437 marginally quicker than Palmer’s 24:05.236. Ryan Farquhar took the 72 Honda Drixon out in the 350cc class for its first lap of the week while Phil McGurk topped the Junior Post Classic board on the 250cc Yamaha.

Jamie Coward topped the leaderboard in the modern machines on his Suzuki with a lap of 111.650mph (20:16.523) with Paul Smyth and Jonathan Woodward also posting 107mph+ times Newcomers Dean Roberts (102.900mph/ 21.59.939 was the first newcomers to break 22 minutes for a lap. Andrew Soar, John Simpson, Kamil Holan and Bjorn Gunnarsson also clocked their first 100+mph laps ahead of Saturday’s Newcomer race.

Tomorrow’s session sees the modern machines revert to first qualifying slot at 18.20 with the Classics starting from 19.05.