Zero Gravity Releases CBR 250 Windscreens

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2011-2012 Honda CBR250R Zero Gravity Windscreens

Zero Gravity unveils four exciting new windscreens for the new Honda CBR250R that offer the rider four distinct choices for greatly improved performance and looks!

Owners who do battle with other 250 entries on the track will love the “stepped profile” of our famous Double Bubble (16-443) or the CorsaTM (24-443) series windscreens. These add height over the OEM version to smooth the wind when tucked behind the screen at speed, whether racing or carving up the canyons on weekends. This aerodynamic effect can boost your speed to give you the edge over the competition, while at the same time improving the look of this hot new Honda.

If long rides down deserted highways are more your flavor, our Sport TouringTM (23-443) windscreen is designed for comfort. It’s wider, taller, and smoother shape is designed to raise the point at which the wind hits you while you cruise in a more upright riding position.

For those who prefer the original curves of the stock windscreen, but want to significantly improve the look of your new motorcycle, the Zero Gravity® SR Series (20-443) matches the size and shape of the original screen but with the cosmetic benefit of a smoke tint or other custom color.

Both the SR and Double Bubble are available in a variety of custom colors as well as our standard clear, light smoke and dark smoke tints. The “Corsa Series” is available in a clear and light smoke only, while the Sport Touring Series is available in clear, light smoke and dark smoke. Your Zero Gravity windscreen uses the factory hardware and comes with step-by-step instructions to simplify the intricate mounting procedure for this model.

Zero Gravity screens are made with cutting edge technology and feature a precise fit, hand polished visible edges and distortion free optical clarity. Available in a variety of colors, Zero Gravity’s new Honda CBR250R windscreens start at $99.95 and are protected with a limited factory warranty. Call Zero Gravity at 1-805-388-8803 for more information or visit their website at, or follow us on Myspace, Twitter, and Facebook.