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Rivaling the importance of proper tire selection for your motorcycle is ardent attention to the air pressure in its tires, as well as scrutiny of wear the tires have endured.

BikeMaster's 2-In-1 Tire Gauge combines both of these duties into a single convenient package.

With a scale of 0-70 psi (and 0-500 kPa), and a sweep of only 180-degrees, the 2-In-1 gauge is not for racing duty, despite the high end braided steel hose and anodized fittings. However, it is more than adequately accurate for daily road use for street bikes, as well as automobiles.

Setting the BikeMaster 2-In-1 gauge apart is the integrated tread depth-measuring tool. Simply press the base of the gauge against the tread, and then push down on the measuring button. The resultant readout shows you the depth in both millimeters and thirty-seconds of an inch. Ingenious.

The BikeMaster 2-in-1 Tire Gauge has an MSRP of $39.95; for additional information, click here.


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