2012 Star VMAX | Wallpaper

2012 Star Wallpaper

The ultimate muscle bike is without a doubt Star’s VMAX. The machine’s 1679cc, 65-degree V4 pumps out an incredible 174 horsepower, allowing the VMAX to rule the class of “power cruisers.”

For 2012, the VMAX remains relatively unchanged since the machine’s major redesign in 2009; the updates on the 2012 model are side-covers that match the signature intake cover, and gray stitching on the seat cover.

The VMAX rolls on a lightweight aluminum chassis, keeping the lbs to 683. It also features a big, 52mm fork, dual 320mm discs up front, ABS and a massive 200mm rear tire rolling on an 18-inch rim.

Attached above is wallpaper of the 2012 Star VMAX, which is only available in Matte Black; for a preview, click here.

Click motorcycle thumbnail to expand. Right click motorcycle wallpaper to download.


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