Motorcyclists Pulled Over for Helmet Cam, Arrested (Video)


Motorcyclists Arrested for Helmet Cam Footage

For the motorcyclist, Memorial Day weekend has always been highlighted by group rides, whether those rides consist of packs of loud cruiser types or hundreds of buzzing sportbikes.

And with group rides arrives a heighten awareness of law enforcement, which is supposed to protect the public from those rude biker types, whether it’d be a drunk rider or one doing a dangerous wheelie on some public road.

One area that has various Memorial Day weekend rides is Dallas, Texas. And while law enforcement was roaming the area of Dallas near the Stemmons Freeway, a group of around 100 sportbike riders passed by.

And one rider, Chris Moore, was pulled over for no unlawful reason, but that the cop wanted to seize his helmet camera. The deputy, James Westbrook, wanted to the camera footage for evidence of other bikers in the group doing things unlawful, such as stunting.

Moore’s camera continued to roll through the eventual arrest, the raw footage attached above.

After Moore asked why he was pulled over, Westbrook says: “The reason you‘re being pulled over is because I’m gonna take your camera and we’re gonna use it as evidence of the crimes that have been committed by other bikers.”

Moore reacts, saying the deputy can’t take his personal property. But once Moore hands over his license and registration, Westbrook makes an arrest due to Moore’s “license plate being obstructed.”

The footage attached above then shows that Moore was possibly slammed to the hood and placed in the deputy’s car while being arrested. Moore was taken to jail, where he spent a reported eight hours, and his camera was handed over to evidence.

So this brings up the question: how was Moore able to release the above footage when his camera was seized? And also, most squad car’s have dash cams mounted, but for some reason there’s no footage available of the arrest.

And when questioned by local news station WFAA-TV, the Dallas Sheriff’s Department says it was taunted by a large group of sportbike riders that slammed on brakes and blocked police squad car paths. The deparment also reported that there’s an internal investigation underway. is currently investigating this story, trying to track down what exactly happened here. For now, here’s the video of Moore’s camera. Stay clicked to for further info…


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