Champion Acquires Lehman Trikes USA

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Back in November, Lehman Trikes USA reported it was up for sale, searching for a qualified investor.

There was some interest, but Lehman was forced to suspend all operations in March while searching for an investor. And on Wednesday, Champion Trikes, through its sister company Champion Investments Inc., a South Dakota Corporation, has acquired Lehman Trikes USA.

Now all operations will resume at Lehman Trikes USA, considered one of the trike industry’s foremost leaders and well known for its high quality and reliable products.

Craig L. Arrojo (CEO of Champion Investments Inc. and Champion Trikes) says: “We are extremely proud and excited to announce the acquisition of Lehman Trikes USA and have them join the Champion family of motorcycle related companies.

“They are an exceptional organization, firmly grounded in high quality products and exceptional customer service. Their ISO 9001:2008 speaks to their commitment. Lehman Trikes USA was a fundamentally sound company, with a rich heritage. A combination of factors led to their cessation of operations.

“The early discontinuation of the Harley-Davidson services contract, along with a challenging economic environment and delays in new contracts were all ingredients. Lehman and Champion Trikes, in team, will enrich both companies and improve our mutual performance.”

Champion Investments, Inc., doing business as (dba) Lehman Trikes USA, operations will resume at the Spearfish, South Dakota, facilities. Financial resources are in place and the first order of business will be providing service parts with a phased-in return to full operations as vendors and personnel staffing are reestablished.


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