Revision: Exoshield Extreme Low-Profile Eyewear


Motorcycle Eye Wear

Designed by Revision Eyewear for “extreme low-profile defense for fast-moving, dynamic missions,” we found the Exoshield Extreme Low- Profile eyewear to be quite appropriate to motorcycling excursions.

Perhaps the most important thing sunglasses can do for a rider who wears a faceshield-free helmet to protect his eyes from debris impact.

While we didn’t test this, according to Revision these sunglasses are highly impact resistant and can take a blast from a Remington 870 12-gauge pump-action shotgun at 16 feet using one-ounce #6 lead shot. Whoa!

We like the close fit and padded frame that keep out the wind out of our eyes-especially welcome by the contact lens wearers on the staff.

Fogging is kept to a minimum by an OcuMax coating, and the polycarbonate lenses are optically outstanding.

The quick release strap is easy to put on and off; however, it is bulky enough that the Revision
Exoshield Extreme Low-Profile eyewear is only appropriate for those who wear half-helmets or less.

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