Kendon Releases Dual Ride-Up SRL Trailer

Kendon Motorcycle Trailer

Already known for their innovative Stand-Up motorcycle trailers and lifts, Kendon Industries Inc. introduces a new ride-up trailer for the heavyweight market.

Their new “Dual Ride-Up SRL” trailer makes it possible to ride right on and secure the bike without having to push it up an old fashioned ramp. Combining convenience with 2-up capacity and integrating Kendon’s patented trailering technology, this trailer is billed as the best of both worlds.

Fran Esposito (Kendon’s President) says: “The market has been asking for a better solution for loading and unloading motorcycles, especially when it comes to the heavyweight touring bikes that are approaching 900 lbs. With easier loading, the Dual SRL can handle two heavyweight motorcycles with its 2,000 lb. load capacity.”

The “SRL” acronym stands for “Suspension Reactive Loading.” Simply put, SRL eliminates the apex between the ramp and the bed of a conventional trailer when loading and unloading. The independent torsion suspension on the Kendon trailer eliminates this apex as the suspension compresses and lowers the bed of the trailer during loading and raises back up to towing height once the bike is secured.

Additional features integrated into the Dual Ride-Up SRL trailer include:

  • Easy ride-up loading (Kendon does recommend always using a spotter)
  • The lower ramp angle allows for even easier loading
  • Expanded metal ramp surface improves traction and increases loading stability
  • Full 2,000 lb. capacity
  • Made in USA

Already own a Kendon trailer? The company also offers a retrofit kit to upgrade any of the Kendon Duals on the road to Dual Ride-Up SRL technology.

Frank Esposito says: “The Kendon way is to provide a simple solution without adding hydraulics of significant weight to the trailer while making it even easier to use. And as is the case with all Kendon trailers, the benchmark features and benefits of being able to be folded up and stood up for easy storage have not been lost.”

This lightweight, Stand-Up, Ride-Up Solution is now available from Kendon dealers nationwide and distributed by Tucker Rocky/Bikers Choice in the USA. More information about any of the Kendon Stand-Up trailers or lifts can be found at or by calling 714-630-7144. Also, be sure to Like Kendon on Facebook at