Weise Releases Aztec Motorcycle Gloves

Weise Aztec Glove with mcFit Technology

Weise recently opened a distribution centre in North America, and the Aztec gloves were developed in response to demand for short-cuff gloves from riders in the States.

Manufactured in full-grain leather with integrated reinforcement over the knuckles, the soft lining is secured using new mcFit technology. Designed to fit comfortably under the sleeves of leather and textile motorcycle jackets, the Aztec gloves are held firmly in place by a wide adjustable retaining strap on the wrist.

There are stretch panels between the fingers and on the back of the hand to aid fit and flexibility. Vents on the upper fingers enhance comfort on hot days.

This new mcFit technology was developed to solve the problem of glove linings becoming twisted or detached.

Traditionally gloves are stitched together inside out. Linings are attached with a tab at the finger tip, then the outer layer is reversed over the lining so that the glove is ready to wear. This method can lead to the lining becoming twisted or even being pulled out completely if the tab breaks.

With mcFit technology, a thimble-shaped attachment is laminated to the finger tip of the lining, so that it can be glued inside the glove once the outer layer is the right way round.

The Weise Aztec gloves come in black and black/white in sizes S-3XL, with a MSRP of $79.99

For further information please contact +1 (203) 597 8686 or visit fowlersdistribution.com.


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