2012 BMW C 650 GT Scooter | First Ride

2012 BMW C650GT Scooter Review

Compared to the BMW C 600 Sport, the Bavarian company’s C 650 GT luxury scooter is the most BMW of the two, which were recently launched in Madrid.

With the C 650 GT, you have a big and comfortable seat, 60 liters storage capacity under the seat, electrically adjusted windshield and extensive touring fairing.

On my morning ride out of Madrid and into the mountains the temperature dropped from around 11 degrees Celsius and down to below 7 degrees. Yes it was a rather cold morning so I knew how to appreciate my luck in starting my morning on the GT and finishing my day on the 600 Sport.

Why? The GT had the optional extras of heated grips and seat and if on auto the big BMW scooter automatically adjusts the heating level to the temperature and speed of the vehicle. And as we were cruising out of Madrid on the motorway we were doing a constant 75 mph and more.

The windshield is pure luxury and I kept it in its highest position while on the motorway and lowered it in town and on the B-roads outside of Madrid.

The C650GT features the very same 647cc in-line two-cylinder engine as the 600 Sport and it’s just BMW’s way of naming them to suit their intended customer bases. This, the GT, is the pinnacle of luxury scootering but weighing in at a rather hefty 574 lbs. it isn’t exactly light.

Stability is very good at speed and with a lower seat height and higher windscreen this is my choice of scooter for all round and commuter work. With 60 horsepower and a top speed of 112 mph I can’t see any reason whatsoever why this can’t double as a proper touring vehicle, scooter or not!

With that vast under seat storage area and perhaps the accessory top box imagine all the stuff you could take with you on tour! Pillion comfort is also very high with footboards, big grab rails and a two-stage heated seat adjustment that the pillion can adjust themselves. Well done BMW, this is the definitive BMW scooter indeed.

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Photos: Daniel Kraus