Travertson V-Rex: Demand in China

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2012 Travertson Motorcycle News

The Floridian motorcycle company Travertson says its V-Rex is now in high demand in China, which contains 1.3 billion people and 94 million motorcycles.

Travertson, which utilizes genuine Harley-Davidson parts including the V-Rod motor, speedometer, transmission, and wiring harness as well as the controls, is negotiating with several exclusive dealers to market the V-Rex in China.

Travertson says: “The V-REX has made an impact on the motorcycle industry. It’s for the unique client who wants to stand out in a crowd and express himself/herself with a new toy like no other.

“The client likes the status of ‘I have one of a few worldwide.’ Huge pride comes with their ownership particularly when their input, choices and designs were taken into consideration and built precisely as desired.”

Travertson reports that although some parts including the engines are from Harley-Davidson, all other parts are manufactured in the Fort Lauderdale facility. The company says due to the use of Harley engines and extensive manuals that are giving to each owner, the Travertson V-Rex are easily serviced, making them optimal for a worldwide audience.

The V-Rex is also available as a V-Rex-2, which is a seat-seat version. These designs were created by the CEO of Travertson, Christian Travert, who built some known bikes, including the “Y2K” jet-turbine powered motorcycle currently owned by Jay Leno of the Tonight Show.

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