MV Agusta F3: Perfection in Detail

MV Agusta F3

Every great motorcycle is made up of many small acts of magic. Each MV Agusta is the ideal combination of thousands of intricate pieces. Assembled with passion, skill and innate precision. Thus was born F3, three-cylinder that has changed the concept of supersport.

Imagine an area that is organized, compact, modeled after a project that is at the same time rational and creative: this is the assembly line in the MV Agusta F3. Where emotions take shape, where the idea becomes substance. Metal. Composite materials. Light alloys.

The assembly line is the heart of the company. Here, every gesture is designed, programmed and designed to be efficient, accurate, necessary and effective. It is the core of the quality that defines MV Agusta, synthesis of craftsmanship and versatility. The workers know the intricate detail of the manufacturing process of the F3: their overall vision allows the maximum production flexibility, the exchange of personnel between various workstations and rigorous controls at each stage of assembly. To ensure quality and meet the production timing goals, you need a clear strategy of action.

Each F3 is composed of about 1,200 pieces, checked one by one before, during and after installation to ensure the compliance of the quality, assembly accuracy and function. The engine, a 675 cc in-line three cylinder, utilizes the unique solution of a counter-rotating balance shaft.

This innovation solution neutralizes the forces of inertia of the motorcycle, enhancing the handling by reducing the effort to change direction. During the assembly process it is subject to continuous tests which include, for example, the electronic verification of all of the tolerances.

Each step is recorded so that all the dimensions remain under full control. At the end of the assembly line each of this unique three-cylinder engines are subjected to the tests on the test bench: hot firing cycle, warm-up period and then they are subject to tests of power and torque.

Each engine is tested for thirty minutes. And only after the successful completion of this test can the engine be transferred to the vehicle assembly-line where it is mated with the beautiful trellis frame complete with side- plates fabricated from aluminum alloy.

The tightening torque of the nuts, screws and bolts are recorded by a data management system that stores and encodes the information of each item to allow the traceability of each F3 produced. Everything moves along the assembly line according to the principle of "just in time", which becomes reality in the form of kits that are hooked-up to the same assembly line and providing all the necessary parts to the operators at just the right moment.

The F3 is finally assembled, perfect in every detail. 1,200 pieces transformed into a unique feat of engineering, creativity and charm. Made in Italy. But, it is not over yet: prior to being prepared for shipment, the F3 is subject to a final test on a chassis dynamometer which allows MV Agusta to verify the correct assembly and impeccable functionality of the wheels, engine, brakes and all the components, that when combined, form the most advanced supersport bike ever.


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