Jardine Performance Products Exhaust: History

Jardine Exhaust History

More than fifty years ago, Jardine Performance Products developed its first exhaust system to transform cars of the late 1950s into hot rods.

With a hunger for power and the drive to branch out into two-wheeled performance, Jardine developed its first high-performance motorcycle exhaust system in 1972 using the knowledge gleaned from those hot rods.

Back then, Jardine’s team of engineers and speed enthusiasts didn’t have computer simulation, CAD Cam, Vector Tracing, and all the other great technology that’s been developed recently to produce products that squeeze every last ounce of power out of a Jardine exhaust.

What they did have was a tireless dedication to making the best possible exhaust system, which meant they built prototypes by hand, put it on the dyno to make some smoke, then record the findings and repeat as necessary until they achieved the ultimate goal: quality exhausts that produced jaw-dropping power and looked great while doing so.

Jardine’s current 2012 lineup of astounding exhaust slip-ons and full systems are manufactured using the latest technology.

High-tech CMM and Vector Infrared Tracer machines copy prototypes to NASA-like specs. Automated punch presses, CNC Tube Cutters and Benders manipulate metal at incredible rates of accuracy and speed.

In one fluid motion, robotic arms plasma-cut shapes and weld components together from precisely written computer programs and fixtures. Final assembly includes polishing plating or coating, and packaging.While the methods of manufacturing Jardine’s high- quality exhausts may have changed drastically since 1959, one thing remains constant: Jardine is still focused on producing the best possible exhausts for your machine.

Countless hours of planning, determination, and revolutionary engineering go into each one of Jardine’s exhausts systems. Jardine Performance Products has made a point to never forget the history and the golden era of performance motorcycles, but is focused on the future of where motorcycles are going and how Jardine can help them get there quicker.

Jardine Performance Products


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