AMA/KTM Dual Sport Series: Bike Winner

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AMA KTM Dual Sport Trial Riding Series Contest

American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) member Randy Odom of St. Louis will take his dual-sport passion to an entirely new level this summer.

That’s because the 29-year-old Odom just got an unexpected bonus for riding in last year’s AMA KTM National Dual Sport Trail Riding Series: a 2012 KTM 350 EXC-F from 2011 series sponsor KTM North America. Odom’s current ride? A 10-year old 125cc two-stroke.

The annual AMA drawing, conducted by independent auditing and accounting firm Plante & Moran of Columbus, Ohio, included participants in all of the AMA events on the national dual-sport calendar.

Randy Odom says: “Man, this is awesome. My boss got me into dual sports, and I’ve been having the best time ever. Everybody on these rides is great. They’re friendly. They’re helpful. Everyone is a die-hard rider. The riding is super challenging, but without the full-on pressure of a flat-out race. It’s great. I can’t think of a better time on a motorcycle.”

KTM North America Inc. President Jon-Erik Burleson said he’s excited to see the 350 EXC-F go to someone who appreciates the new bike as much as Odom.

Jon-Erik Burleson says: “It’s great that someone like Randy, who has wanted to be a part of the KTM family for so long, can now count himself among the orange-bleeders. These guys are the heart and soul of our customer base. I hope Randy enjoys his new KTM for years to come.”

Odom, a long-time off-road rider, says the people who ride and organize the individual events on the AMA’s national dual-sport calendar represent some of motorcycling’s friendliest people. He said one of his favorite rides is the Show Me 200, put on by the Midwest Trail Riders Association in Bixby, Mo.

Randy Odom says: “I loved it. I rode that, and I got hooked. It’s all types of terrain. It has the best of everything. Maybe best of all, I get to keep my wheels on the ground and stay pretty safe. My wife definitely approves! In fact, I just sent my check off to ride the 2012 Show Me 200. Plus, at all these events, we appreciate the AMA and the clubs that are part of the AMA and everything the AMA does for riders.”

With the 2012 season set to begin soon, stay tuned for exciting news on this year’s dual-sport series, including a full schedule and more. Keep an eye on for the latest news and updates.


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