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LeoVince USA will be expanding into the Canadian market and kicking it off by presenting their brand directly to Canadian customers Jan. 6, 7 and 8 at the North American International Motorcycle Show at the Toronto International Centre.

Starting Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2012 LeoVince USA will be selling and servicing Canada directly through leovinceusa.com and from its Richmond California headquarters to offer the widest and deepest selection of their products ever made available to the Canadian market.

LeoVince has long maintained a Canadian selling presence through a distributor, but now Canadian consumers and dealers will have direct access to LeoVince’s quality products, exceptional pricing, technical staff and customer support.

Tim Calhoun (Executive Vice President, LeoVince USA) says: “Following our recent warehouse and staff expansion, we are excited to offer our industry-leading customer service and products to Canada. We are looking forward to working with the extremely passionate dealers and riders of this market.”

The LeoVince USA staff has grown to administer expanded customer service with the addition of a product specialist who is fluent in French. Although we will not be servicing or selling direct to Quebec at this stage we will be servicing the remainder of Canada and still wanted to be able to address questions from the Quebec market or any customer that may utilize French as their primary language.

Tim Calhoun says: “Our reach will include all the provinces and territories of Canada with the exception of Quebec. There are some market nuances we need to address in order to sell there and we will look to that province in the future. We are excited to continue to expand the LeoVince family of brands throughout North America.”

Canadian dealers will also be eligible to join LeoVince USA’s innovative FORZA Power Dealer Canada program and enjoy many benefits to support your LeoVince product sales. For more information on how to become a LeoVince dealer contact us directly at dealersupport@leovinceusa.com or call 510-232-4040 and speak to a product specialist today.


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