Honda Recalls GL1800 Gold Wing

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Honda Gold Wing Recall

Due to a potential defect of the brake’s secondary master cylinder, Honda has recalled certain model 2001-2010 and 2012 GL1800 Gold Wing motorcycles.

Honda reports that the compensating port hole inside the secondary master cylinder (part of the combined-braking system) can become blocked due to (1.) stacking of tolerances in manufacturing and (2.) sufficient swelling of the primary pressure cup inside the master cylinder.

If the compensating port hole on the GL1800 Gold Wing becomes completely blocked, the rear wheel brake caliper can drag after the rider releases the brake input. If this occurs, the rear brake temperature and pressure progressively increase. Unexpected braking increases the risk of a crash and continued riding with the brake engaged can generate enough heat to cause the rear brake to catch fire.

Honda motorcycle dealers will inspect the secondary master cylinder of all affected motorcycles in dealership stock or sold to customers (consumers and commercial entities). If an inspection indicates that the compensator port hole can become blocked due to this problem, the dealer will replace the secondary master cylinder. Registered owners of affected motorcycles will be contacted by mail and asked to take their motorcycle to a Honda dealer. The dealer will inspect the motorcycle, and if necessary, replace the secondary master cylinder, free of charge.

Honda motorcycle dealers will immediately receive a transmittal of complete repair instructions. Replacement secondary master cylinders in the U.S. will initially be made available through American Honda’s dealer technical support hotline. Upon approval by NHTSA, American Honda will mail a letter to all registered owners, and also post a copy of the letter on the Honda Brand website: Target dates for website posting are before the end of December 2011, and mail receipt by registered customers should occur before the end of January 2012.

Honda encourages every customer to contact their dealer to schedule an appointment upon receiving the SAFETY RECALL letter.