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As experienced motorcyclists it's all too easy to start thinking that we know it all and that we couldn't possibly learn a single thing from a free beginner's riding manual.

Surprisingly, there's a lot of great information contained in "Riding Tips" produced by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF).

The motorcycling guide, put out as just one of the MSF's continuing services to help motorcyclists (new and experienced alike) get proper rider training and to stay abreast of changes in laws and regulations-as well as serving as a voice for us in the community-is a simple, illustrated pamphlet covering everything from basic riding (shifting, throttle, braking) to hints about coping with traffic and weather.

It's all geared toward motorcycle safety and ensuring that riders are able to enjoy the benefits of riding while helping to reduce the odds of a mishap.

The MSF, as an organization, provides helpful insights and information on everything from rider safety, the DMV riders test and licensing requirements, to critical information for motorcycle riders regarding proper training and protective gear.

These services are just as useful for the returning rider who may have been away from the sport for an extended period. I can't emphasize enough how beneficial these services and safety tips might prove to be in helping riders get into, or in some cases, back into, the saddle.

Again, the services that MSF provide are for riders of all levels, not just newbies. Directed primarily at street bikes, traffic laws, and rider safety, the entire MSF Riding Tips Guide is available here as a simple PDF download.

Contained within is the Motorcycle Skills Test Practice Guide. It's a quick read and deserves a look/see. Remember, if you find just one thing that clicks or makes you think, it's worth it for your motorcycling enjoyment.


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