Triumph ‘Seeking Explorers’ Contest

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Triumph Explorer Contest

In celebration of its all-new Tiger Explorer adventure bike, Triumph has launched the competition “Seeking Explorers” in conjunction with motorcycle-travel company Edelweiss.

One winner from the United States will embark on a 12-day trip aboard the 2012 Triumph Tiger Explorer before the 1215cc machine that pushes 135 horsepower even reaches showroom floors.

Triumph says “Organized in collaboration with renowned motorcycle travel company Edelweiss, who run the Triumph Adventure Tours program, the exclusive tour starts in southern Spain on March 9, before crossing the Mediterranean to Morocco for a ride that encompasses everything from the Atlas Mountains in the north to the edges of the Sahara in the south.”

The trip’s total value? Over $6,000, but possibly yours for free.

During the motorcycle trip, the winner will use a new Tiger Explorer while donning all the latest Triumph adventure gear.

Entry to the competition, as well as full terms and conditions, is through Triumph’s new Tiger Explorer microsite – – where full details, photographs and video of the new bike can be found.

For a preview of the 2012 Triumph Tiger Explorer, click here.


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