LeoVince: FAST II Fuel & Ignition System


Motorcycle Fuel & Ignition System

Fine-tuning the power and performance of your motorcycle has never been easier, thanks to LeoVince USA’s FAST II, a single-unit fuel and ignition system.

Working in combination with the ECU, the FAST II provides fuel and ignition adjustment capabilities in one unit.

The FAST II system will work with any exhaust, but it has been specially designed to enhance motorcycles equipped with LeoVince slip-ons and full systems. All pre-loaded maps were developed on U.S.-specific models using U.S. fuel to achieve perfect tuning.

The basic FAST II kit includes a FAST II control box pre-loaded with three exhaust-specific maps, a model-specific wiring harness, all necessary installation hardware, FAST II software, and an instructional CD.

Additional options include a Lambda eliminator or emulator, three-position handlebar-mounted switch with carbon fiber bracket and LED position indicator, and a FAST II quick shifter.

The FAST II can be adjusted to fine-tune performance upgrades, making it a valuable piece of equipment no matter where your bike is in the tuning and customization process. The FAST II unit is also easy to swap to another motorcycle: just install a new model-specific wiring harness and change the maps.

The FAST II single-unit fuel and ignition system includes:

  • Waterproof control unit with three pre-installed maps
  • CD with model-specific installation guide and mapping software
  • Model-specific wiring harness
  • Installation hardware and a USB communication cable
  • Special “recovery” mode in event of a system anomaly

Learn more about the FAST II single-unit fuel and ignition system, as well as other LeoVince products, at LeoVinceUSA.com.


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