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BMW S1000RR Luggage

Saddlebags and sportbikes have never really worked well together. Affordable saddlebags hang by straps over your seat, rubbing your bike’s bodywork and ruining paint, not to mention the need to tie them down to prevent them from falling off.

The alternative has been to spend $800 or more for purpose fit hard bags, with expensive brackets – if they’re even made for your bike.

Until now.

The new Sidemount Luggage System (SLS) for the BMW S1000RR changes everything. Because it uses your S1000RR’s stock passenger footpeg brackets as mounting points, the SLS does not touch bodywork or seat, and does not use any additional brackets. No drilling or modifications are necessary, and it goes on and off in a few minutes.

The LR360o (Locking Rotational 360 degree) mounting system is what makes these bags unique. Each bag’s angle is fully adjustable, allowing clearance of turn signals, exhaust, and to make the bag sit at the right angle on every bike. Once locked in place, the bags don’t move.

Each SLS bag is rated at ten pounds capacity, enough luggage for a good, long trip out of town, and will also fit a full-face helmet. A zippered expansion allows you to carry even more gear when you need it, and inside, each bag features an elastic cargo net pouch to keep things organized.

The complete SLS bag system for the BMW S1000RR includes two SLS bags and adjustable mounting hardware, with a suggested retail price of $295.00.

SLS kits are also available for other motorcycles; for more information, contact The Cycle Guys directly at or 714-357-1102.


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