Dainese Unveils D-air Street & AGV Standards

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2011 EICMA New Products

Dainese unveiled two projects today at the EICMA 2011 in Milan – D-air Street and AGV Standards.

D-air Street is an airbag jacket/waistcoat system designed for use on public roads, which has finally arrived on the market after 10-years of research and development. With today’s launch the Italian brand is ready to revolutionize motorcycle protection.

Dedicated to protect, D-air Street is a system that identifies a fall or slide, and once triggered airbags inflate around the rider’s body. Dainese launched D-air Racing in 2010, which is for use on race tracks, and now D-air Street can be added to the D-air collection.

The new version of AGV Standards was presented alongside D-air Street, which is an innovative method of helmet design. Using a scanner the system scans the skull and enables the helmet to be designed around the rider’s head, this gives more advantages in terms of comfort and safety.

Vittorio Cafaggi (Dainese/AGV Strategic Development Manager) says: “This is a crucial and significant moment for Dainese and AGV because it marks the fulfillment of over ten year’s hard work with the D-air® and AGV Standards projects and, in our opinion, is also the best way of paying tribute to Sic who worked so hard to develop them.”

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