2012 Ducati Travel Experience (Video)

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Ducati’s “Endless Transformations” tagline for its famed Multistrada will prove significant for the Italian company’s new 2012 travel offering – the Ducati Travel Experience.

Like Ducati’s 2011 Riding Experience program, which provided track training with coaches such as Troy Bayliss, the Travel Experience will bring Ducati fans on a journey throughout Europe, from Sardnia to the Alps. And of course, one of the bikes used for the various terrains throughout the trips will be the Multistrada.

Speaking of the Travel Experience, the Italian motorcycle icon says: “It’s the world as you’ve never seen it, motorcycle traveling as you’ve never imagined it. Four exclusive journeys to explore new places, cultures and emotions in as intense and enjoyable a way as possible.

“From our new itinerary, taking in Sardinia and Corsica, to a breathtaking tour of central Italian towns and cities, from the marvelous mountain roads of the Alps, to a mind-blowing tour of Australia. Four amazing journeys with the taste of adventure.”

Attached above is a video clip describing the new offering. For additional information, log onto ducati.com.


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