Silver Lining Trekking Motorcycle Socks

Aerostich Products

Every pair of riding boots can now literally have a silver lining with these technologically advanced socks.

The unique dual-action Silver Drystat polypropylene yarn offers superior wicking and antibacterial properties with integrated silver ions in the fiber core.

A medium weight soft padded footbed provides exceptional cushioning, while the patented graduated compression design of the boot-cut uppers are scientifically designed to enhance ankle support, stimulate circulation, provide relief from cramps, alleviate swelling and make feet more happy and comfortable in any riding conditions.

Made from 75% Silver Drystat, 15% Spandex and 10% Lycra, these are built to last and engineered for comfort. Gray. S (5-7), M (7.5-10), L (10.5013).

Aerostich #431: $32.

Silver Lining Trekking Socks Features:

  • Soft, comfortable socks for all-day riding, hiking, relaxing…
  • Integrated silver ions help provide superior wicking and antibacterial properties.
  • Graduated compression designed boot-cut uppers.
  • A technologically advanced sock.
  • Provides ankle support, stimulates circulation and alleviates swelling.
  • Neutral gray yarn for fashion challenged wearers.