Motorcycle Chum Books: Two-Wheel Stories

Motorcycle Literature

Lured by the call of the road and spurred on by a youthful sense of wonderment and exploration, this is a classic series about four friends who set out on motorcycles to explore America.

Written nearly 100 years ago, long before iPods, television and video games, these endearing stories of friendship and discovery are a portal into the days when imagination reigned supreme, fueling a curiosity to discover new things and a thirst for adventure.

Join the journey of Jack, Freckles, Budge and Alec as they explore the Carolina border country, ride the back roads of New England, seek indigenous adventure on the Santa Fe Trail and lend a hand in the recently established Yellowstone Park to discover all the wonders, excitement and challenges waiting around the next bend.

A magical and inspirational read for curious young minds, or just the young at heart, filled with life lessons just as applicable today as the day they were written. Books are by Andrew Carey Lincoln (Softbound, 6"x9", approx. 160 pp. each).

Motorcycle Chum Book Features:

  • Great stories of adventure, exploration and life from the perspective of young riders.
  • Filled with inspirational life lessons.
  • Classic series that still entertains nearly 100 years after being penned.
  • A unique glimpse into youth and riders from our past.
  • A great read for riders of all ages.

Motorcycle Chum Books Available from Aerostich:

  • In New England #5610 $17.00
  • In The Land Of Sky #5611 $17.00
  • On The Santa Fe Trail #5612 $17.00
  • In The Adirondacks #5613 $17.00
  • In Yellowstone Park #5614 $17.00
  • Stormbound #5615 $17.00
  • Set of All Six Books SAVE $12.00 #5616 $90.00

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